202 Shiny Backgrounds Collection

Ready for Retina. Ready to dazzle

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Part 1 – Plasma

Part 1 - Plasma

Part 2 – Bokeh and Snow

Part 2 - Bokeh and Snow

Part 3 – Serpentine

Part 3 – Serpentine

Part 4 – Night Lights

Part 4 – Night Lights

Part 5 – Bright Bokeh

Part 5 – Bright Bokeh

Part 6 – Flame and Lightning

Part 6 – Flame and Lightning

Part 7 – Space Light

Part 7 – Space Light

Part 8 – Sparkling

Part 8 – Sparkling



202 Shiny Backgrounds Collection

High Resolution. Extended License

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Hand-Painted as a Piece of Art

Every single background is hand-painted with a stylus on a tablet as piece of art of its own. That’s why each one of them feels not like a computer generated image, but like an artistic creation with natural compositions, dynamic and details.

Your UI Will Shine in a New Light

Creatively apply light, sparks and glows to mesmerizing splash screens and fascinating refined details. Your shine-enhanced UI will capture user’s attention and blazingly increase engagement.

Let Your Outdoor Designs Illuminate Any Street

With this collection of backgrounds, your banners and billboards will become the brightest of city lights. Make your vivid, luminous designs capture the eye in busy streets, rushing subways and everywhere outdoors.

Turn the Web Into a Brilliant Experience

Design breath-taking sliders and intros full of light and space. Flare up details and accents. Craft glorious web-sites that are calling to action.

Print the Light Itself

The Collection looks gorgeous in both screen and print designs. Give your clients and end users the feeling of touching the light in stationary, business cards, flyers and everything print.

Myriads of Options for Endless Creativity

With 202 Shiny backgrounds in 8 distinct styles to choose from you can enjoy a fantastic creative freedom. Apply a broad palette of lights, sparks and illumination in your own, unique designs.


Retina and Print Resolution

Your backgrounds will look gorgeous on any device, on Retina screens and in hi-end print thanks to the resolution of 3508*2480px (A4 @300DPI).

License Type: Extended

You are welcome to use these backgrounds in commercial projects (including for sale) no matter the number of views or copies count.


JPEG - Simple as That

Hi-res, high quality JPEGs will fit in nicely in any of your creative projects no matter the platform or design software you use.

Multiple Effects

Lightning and flames, plasma and mysterious haze, outer space glow and festive sparks – the Collection has it all for you to creatively explore.


Refined Compositions

Every composition was carefully considered to perfectly align all elements and distinctive aspects into a beautiful work of art.


Handcrafted Details

Each background features a plethora of both stunning and subtle stylus-painted details that emphasise its individual mood.

202 Shiny Backgrounds

Premium Collection

Buy Now for $39

License. This 202 Shiny Backgrounds Collection is provided with an Extended License. It means you can use these backgrounds in free and commercial projects including those that are sold multiple times like print templates, web site themes, apps and so on. The only limitation is that you can not sell or give away our backgrounds as is. If you have any questions about license or a specific use case feel free to contact us: digital.space.contact@gmail.com